At times, you try so hard to write an assignment, only to get an unpleasant grade. To make matters worse, you receive your paper littered with disheartening comments from the vapid professor. Sometimes you might view the comments as a grievous insult to your entire person, abject proof of how this cruel, unfeeling instructor hates you. But the fact remains that you tried your best writing  an argumentative essay.
Why Everybody Hates Them

The above mentioned experiences make many students develop a rare hatred towards writing essays.¬† So many ask, is homework boring? Essays are boring for students simply because they don’t feel like these assignments prepare them for the real world. No one finds it interesting to sit down for hours and compose 1000 words essays that cover the entire coursework. What motivates students to eventually start writing is allegro phobia (fear of being late and attracting a penalty). Therefore, they hurriedly formulate arguments and ideas that are tangentially related to the coursework, and font-manipulated to meet the minimum required word-count. On the other hand, everyone likes placing the last full stop after concluding their assignments.
Professors loathe grading papers (reading a pile of below-average, boring papers is not your idea of an ideal weekend). Therefore, you should hand in a well written assignment that is devoid of flaccid theses and non sequitur textual evidence. The flow of your ideas should not be taken for granted. A sure way of receiving a poor grade is presenting a paper full of incoherent sentences and paragraphs that have nothing to do with each other. A student also ought to have a superb choice of words. It requires a lot time and effort to write such a flawless paper. Not every student can afford the amount of time required.